"Bruce Colbert transports us clear around the globe, from Cairo to Budapest to Nairobi, and excites our international palettes with well-crafted recipes for intrigue and suspense. In his 13-story collection, "A Tree on the Rift," Colbert's inter-continental story telling might appeal to decidedly male readers who have a yen for exotic women, gripping action and dangerous liaisons. He seems to tap a bottomless reservoir of knowledge of his venues, coupled with fascinating insight into human behavior. This is a must read!"
               Robert Lundin, editor of Awakenings Magazine

"Ambitious, Worldly, Memorable," Tracy Crow, author, of Eyes Right.

"Bruce Colbert's voice for me is distinctly American..and heroic!" Dan Fantan, author of Chump Change and 86'd.

"...really impressed with the book..its control and character development, to say nothing of its wide ranging geography." Jerry Gabriel, author of Drowned Boy, Mary McCarthy Fiction Prize

"Magnolia Springs offers us an impressionist tour of a well-lived life. The impact of these poems...these small pieces of a life that, when compiled, merge into a vivid and nearly unforgettable portrait of what it means to live and love." Steve Kistulentz, author of The Luckless Age and Little Black Daydreams.

(Bosphorus)..."writes with a delicious specificity, driving the reader quickly and deeply into the world of modern espionage." Paul Luikart, author of Animal Heart."

"An action-packed spy thriller, The Cairo Arrangement will keep the reader on the edge of their seat in suspense, intrigue and mass manipulation... A choice pick."                     Midwest Book Review

​(The Cairo Arrangement) "A first-rate thriller, Colbert draws you brilliantly into the action. Get ready for a hell of a ride." Robert R. Maldonado, Lt. Colonel (ret) US Air Force Special Operations, and author of Atlantis: Keepers of the Crystal Skull.

"Doesn't do caricatures...he'll make you fear his villains and long for his women." Dan Bazinga, editor of ARGOSY

(A Place That Once Was) "Bruce Colbert writes with all-too-human voice, smoothly capturing the connections and uncertainties of modern life. From the smallest things (pizza, coffee)  to the biggest (race relations, gun violence), he explores what it means to be a sensitive soul in a world that changes a little more every day, a world that is not always kind but ever interesting." Ace Boggess, author of The Prisoners